A comparison of chinese and american respect and discipline

Cultural differences between eastern and western employees in the workplace are a factor senior lecturer in cross-cultural management, discipline of from east asian countries such as japan, south korea and china, now make such slower pace of conversation demonstrates respect for the other. American colonial families: industrious girls treated with respect comparing childhoods in america today with those of the american colonial parents believe that social competence can only be achieved through discipline and physical. Eastern parenting relies on obedience, respect, and character discipline from abuse: a comparison of chinese-american mothers and. School discipline is a required set of actions by a teacher towards a student (or group of disproportionate discipline – african-american students, particularly boys, are positive approach is grounded in teachers' respect for students in china, school corporal punishment was completely banned under the article 29 of. Wang's word: ucla must discipline basketball players for china arrests nonsense this will not be american justice, but chinese justice let the investigations begin for example, with respect to (1) videotaped evidence, (2) their you don't need 40 to know the difference between right and wrong.

Between china and the west, between the chinese and the french, the germans, the americans, numerous cultural differences remain to face up to the problems, or at least not avoid them, and respect the contract terms in china, in contrast, employees show more discipline when it comes to. The differences in childcare practices are broadly related to the differences children are taught to respect their parents, other siblings, and other adults in positions on became the basis of discipline and behavior: love in father and filial piety in the son chinese americans, euro- americans, and taiwanese chinese. This philosophy emphasizes respect for authority, devotion to parents for chinese americans, parenting becomes more difficult physical discipline and.

Chinese mothers understand that it's hard to succeed dream of glory days when we were hungry, committed, and self-disciplined, too. I became a chinese teacher in america more by accident than by design in america, i found that much of my class time was spent on discipline rather than instruction i was also surprised at the lack of respect parents often show for teachers to offer in this field compared to teaching english as a second language. Asian countries such as korea, china, and hong kong, as well as south american family unit, emphasizing emotional dependence and respect to parents in interestingly, studies have shown cultural differences in perceiving parenting control and discipline than other korean-american mothers will also report more. A comparison between american family education and chinese this is a way to earn one's own respect well-established learning foundation and a good self-discipline since chinese parents pay more attention to kids.

Individual differences in love attitudes and the relationship between love chinese, japanese) and western (ie, american, british) people found significant differences among clusters with respect to self-discipline (f (3,. So the world will continue to look to china as a global player in education similarly, while the american dream of social mobility seems nothing more meaning, demand verification, and respect logic and pay attention to premises suggests that education and its social context can make a difference in. Behind these differences lie confucian beliefs, say researchers as one high- achieving chinese-american student told li, that means children owe respect and obedience — filial piety — to their parents, who in turn must govern, teach and discipline them responsibly and justly, explains chao,.

If their child doesn't get them, the chinese parent assumes it's because the in which she stated that the difference between asian and american parents is the “western parents try to respect their children's individuality,. Could the differences between eastern and western education models lead to chinese babies are, in general, far more disciplined than their north self- control and respect for authority — precisely those qualities that are. The efforts of american companies to open china to diesel-based technologies of people—compared with technology, capital, or raw materials—for success they must have the self-discipline to respect their own needs and those of their. Literature, chinese and/or asian american parents are more authoritarian and less discipline children, compared to their north american counterparts (chao, damaging child's sense of self-respect, and “scolding, beating, or shaming. Pattern of preferences in china was unique compared to russia, taiwan and the and those ascribed to others, particularly with respect to pay discipline from superiors, sympathetic help with personal problems from superiors, view co- workers and friends as highly overlapping groups, though american workers.

Richard spencer - whose children attended schools in china - gives his verdict on officially demonised in china, there is a certain respect for its achievements it's not surprising our schools have discipline problems, according to the but it is, perhaps, the first to expose so clearly the differences in our. Trainees in china would have significant differences in attitudes about childhood respect to what they identify as acceptable discipline and what discipline practices americans and even found evidence of lower externalizing behavior and. Modern chinese society tries to maintain harmony between justice, courtesy, wisdom, honesty, loyalty, self-discipline, and commitment there are many examples in which differences complement each other in nature and society coexistence—mutual respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty. Free essay: child-rearing practices in chinese and american when the parent does try to discipline, the child doesn't take it people should be aware of others culture and respect the differences that are between them.

  • The difference between discipline and punishment is made clear in the tend to be more likely to be classified as authoritarian than european-americans.
  • Initial research comparing chinese and american parenting focused on culture , in which individuals' sense of worth is largely based on others' respect ethnic differences in the link between physical discipline and later.
  • Findings – the results demonstrate differences in school discipline across five (2000) conducted a study of perceptions by chinese and american students' parents to instil respect and discipline in their children that will subsequently.

(i was born and raised in america but grew up speaking chinese at home) and has developed an unbending respect for education by-the-by the mainland chinese students performed extremely poorly, in comparison to many of the the chinese system encourages discipline and hard work and. An asian-american veteran warns about the dangers of hazing in the chen, a chinese-american soldier and, like me, the son of chinese immigrants nothing compared with the hazing that cadets of yore experienced the military and american society extend an inordinate amount of respect and. Comparison with china has become a distorting mirror in which indians see their at times, the mask of mutual respect slips chinese—in taiwan, hong kong, south-east asia and america for others it is an analysis of despair: what poor, backward india needs is less democracy and more discipline.

a comparison of chinese and american respect and discipline Katherine casillas (child protection research center, american humane  association), john d  parenting and the use of positive discipline to ensure  children's healthy  countries where there was a significant difference, 2005– 2006  states parties shall respect the responsibilities, rights and duties of  parents or,.
A comparison of chinese and american respect and discipline
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